Emotion Radials

in sizes

55mm, 65mm, and 75mm





Suggested Retail

55 mm

$66.00 /set of 4

65 mm

$68.00 /set of 4

75 mm

$72.00 /set of 4


Company checks, cashier's checks and money orders will be accepted. Company checks will be held for a period of 14 days or until cleared by your bank prior to shipment. On orders of 500 plus wheels, terms will be 50% down, NET 30 upon prior written approval from our credit department. All COD orders will be shipped cash or certified funds only - no exceptions.

All orders will be shipped freight collect, FOB our warehouse. Since title to all goods passes from seller to purchaser when it leaves our warehouse, all claims should be directed to the shipper. We will assist you in any way we can.

All wheels are guaranteed against complete separation and defects in materials and workmanship.

All Dealers:
Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact Emotions for the latest OEM and Wholesale prices.

California Dealers:
All California orders must be accompanied by a California resale card or sales tax will be added to the order.


Emotion Wheels Inc. Rich in Experience/Sporting Goods Design and History


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To order Emotion Radials @ Wholesale or O.E.M. prices, 100 wheels and up, contact Emotion Inc.,

Co. email: emotionmk2003@yahoo.com